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Optimize Your Leads on PropSpace

The PropSpace development team is currently working from home, however that does not mean that we are not progressing full steam ahead!

In fact, last week was one of our busiest weeks in terms of tech updates to PropSpace with many small but important releases and client requests going into the system.

Recently we also launched some updates to one of our core agent productivity tools: Lead Pool and Lead Rotation so we wanted to update you about this important feature that can really help you move your business forwards.

New Feature: Conveyancing and Deal Workflows

We are pleased to introduce a brand new feature to help manage your deal workflows and back-office processes to ensure timely and organised transaction management.

Conveyancing is the action of preparing documents for the conveyance of property and is a critical part of the real estate sales process.


Successfully managing the process for getting all the appropriate documents in place, and on time, right up to the issuance of the Title Deed is a critical part of Estate Agency work.

Now with our new deal workflow management system you can efficiently manage the full end-to-end process of completing a sale or rental transaction through the super handy PropSpace Deal Wizard.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 17.01.52

If you would like to learn more about this new feature please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team and we will be happy to guide you through these new settings or we can arrange a training session for you.

Let PropSpace do the work for you, keep customers happier and use a proven system to make sure your deals are managed and tracked efficiently!

Download Instruction Manual Here: Deal Workflow Management – PropSpace Deal Wizard


Introducing Drip Marketing and Workflow Automation

Automate your business, become more efficient and close more deals!

PropSpace has evolved over the years from being an agent’s tool for listing and lead management, to being a powerhouse in managing the full end-to-end workflow and activities for real estate professionals across the MENA region.

As part of our commitment to continually evolving and developing the product, we are delighted to announce the launch of two new modules free of charge for all our users:

Drip Marketing and Workflow Management

With these powerful, new and industry-leading modules, PropSpace can now streamline your routine tasks quickly and effortlessly.

Setting up Automation and Drip Marketing may seem overwhelming, but is relatively simple once you understand how it works. We’ve put together a couple of short instruction guides on getting you started with these power tools. To request your own copy please contact our support team


Drip Marketing


Drip marketing allows you to set up a plan to deliver multiple emails to a client over a set period of time. A very popular concept in markets such as the US and UK, Drip Marketing is proven to help real estate agents earn more money and close more deals by continuously keeping in contact with their clients on an automated and pre-defined rule basis.

Based on predefined conditions to qualify for certain drip plans, your clients will be segmented and sent certain emails automatically from the system. You just set it up once and PropSpace does the rest for you!  

It is an automated process that can help you in many ways:

– Stay engaged with your prospects
– Nurture early-stage leads into serious buyers
– Send relevant educational information about your services
– Reconnect with cold leads
– Constantly work your database – you’ll be surprised how much extra business is there waiting for you in your existing client database!


Powering a Legacy Property Business with Automation

How Cluttons Optimized Agent Workflow and Generated Business Returns with PropSpace

Widely regarded as one of the oldest global real estate firms, Cluttons boasts of a rich 250 year old legacy that spans its humble beginnings in the UK to a formidable worldwide presence.


During 2012, Cluttons’ regional headquarters in Dubai approached PropSpace with a pressing need. The team faced a series of difficulties owing to the adoption of manual processes that negatively impacted efficiency. Cluttons’ staff would spend a great deal of time manually entering listing information on various property portals used to market their properties. The sheer volume of this time-consuming task dramatically reduced agents’ availability to handle their core business: selling and leasing properties. The time required was so great that Cluttons had to hire administration resource to manually upload properties to the portals.

Within two months of implementing PropSpace, Cluttons experienced business efficiencies: from saving man hours in administrative work to obtaining automatic syndication of their listings via XML feed to a variety of local and global property portals.

In addition, since PropSpace is syndicated in real time with any user enquiry received for a property listing on the site is automatically caputred on Cluttons’ lead dashboard; including information such as the leads’ name, phone number, email, and enquiry details. This synchronization optimizes agent workflow and reduces time spent on data capture and entry.

The clear and compelling organizational impact that PropSpace delivered to Cluttons’ regional headquarters in Dubai, led to its roll-out as the real estate software provider of choice for all Cluttons’ offices across the MENA region.

“Our MENA practice is incredibly agile and more efficient since our adoption of PropSpace as our real estate software provider,” commented Matt Allen, Cluttons Global Head of Business Development. “The automated data feed to property portals and our own website and the real time auto-import of lead enquiries from are two fantastic features which are now critical to our business.”

These two features are just a small example of how PropSpace can make your real estate business more efficient. With advanced marketing capabilities, customer relationship management tools, auto-document generation, deals management, detailed analytics, reports and much more, PropSpace is a full-feature end-to-end software suite for the entire real estate industry – brokers, property managers and developers.

Discover the PropSpace difference. Learn more about how PropSpace can help you convert leads, close deals and boost your business. Contact us today!