Features For Real Estate Developers

Projects and Phases


Oversee your development projects and construction phases in one place.

Seamlessly maintain and update their construction progress, marketing images, floor plans, legal documentation and features.

Share updates across your team instantly.

Inventory Management

Conveniently manage your property units using the Inventory Management screen. Maintain information such as property details, pricing, price history, current and previous owners, payment schedules, marketing images, floor plans, launch status and availability status.

Inventory Management

Client Management

Client Management

Efficiently manage customer information and their relevant documentation. Assign clients to your agents and track their conversation history. Send payment statements, reminders and notices to clients via emails or SMS messages.

Documents and Marketing Collateral

Upload and share marketing collateral such as brochures and floor plans with your team and clients.

Generate and print auto-populated Reservation forms and Purchase Agreements on-the-go for clients.


Track and Manage Payments

Manage Payments

Record payment transactions and track the payment history of every unit sold in your development. Send Statement of Accounts to your clients to keep them updated of their current and future payments.

Payment Schedules and Pricing Updates

Generate construction-linked or calendar-based payment schedules for your developments.

Effortlessly apply bulk updates to prices of available properties as a percentage or fixed amount. This feature is widely used when launching a development phase or advertising a price reduction campaign.

Payment Schedules and Pricing Updates

Listing Sharing

Seamlessly share projects and available units with real estate agencies using the PropSpace platform. The real-time sync allows the agencies to view latest listings at all times, and submit booking forms with client information directly to you.

Listing Sharing

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