Automate Your Property Management Business with PropSpace

Make PropSpace Manager Work for You

Automate your business, become more efficient and provide better customer service.

PropSpace Manager – the go-to product for Property Management Professionals in the MENA region – is proud to announce the launch of Workflow Automations to help Property Managers provide a more efficient service to their customers. 

Workflow Automation

With this powerful, new and industry-leading module, PropSpace Manager can now streamline your routine tasks quickly and effortlessly.

Setting up Automation may seem overwhelming, but is relatively simple once you understand how it works. We’ve put together a short instruction guide on getting started with this new feature.

Automation-1 copy-2

Automation allows you to set up action plans that are automatically triggered when a record in PropSpace has been created or modified. Records are qualified based on criteria defined during the automation setup.

Automated actions can save you a lot of time so you can focus on the more important things in your business.

Here are some examples:

  • When a tenant requests a work order through the tenants’ portal and the priority is marked as urgent > send an email to the facility manager.
  • When a lease sub status is marked as renewed > send an email to the Tenant.
  • When a lease type > commercial or industrial is created > send an email to the commercial team.
  • When cheque status is marked as bounced > send an email and system notification to the accountant / tenant.
  • When a work order gets completed > send an email to the tenant
  • …. the list of possible automation rules is endless!…


Download the Workflow Automation Instruction Manual


Workflow Automation is a powerful tool that needs to be set up carefully, however once set up you will immediately see the benefits. 

As always, our support team are on hand to assist. You can contact them on or +971 4 420 1044.

If you are a Brokerage client of PropSpace but are not yet using PropSpace Manager for your Property Management activities, please contact our sales team on and we will be happy to arrange a demo for you.