Make the most of PropSpace whilst working from home

When working from home there are many features in PropSpace that agents, admins and managers should use to optimise remote working and ensure efficiency in your organisation.

Here are our top tips to make sure you hit the market with a bang once we return to our offices and that your clients don’t forget you whilst we are all currently working from home:


Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of PropSpace Go – the native mobile app for Android and iOS devices – so you can get real-time push notifications. Ensure you make the most of the automated reminders built into PropSpace.

download here-01
  1. Update notes. It’s a great time to update your notes on your leads and listings from any recent calls or updates. Make sure to also check client history and contact 360.
  2. Check your old leads and lead pool for any leads that you can re-ignite.
  3. Update your old leads. We all forget from time to time to update everything –  now is a great time to do this.
  4. Look through existing leads and build a ready to go list of property matches using the matching tool. You can shortlist the ones you think are best.
  5. For all of the above, create tasks and reminders so you are organised and raring to go.
  6. You can also send out these property matches to your clients, so they know which properties they would like to view once working from home is over. Send out pdf or e-mail brochures to keep in touch with your clients. 
  7. Send out newsletters to keep in touch with your clients. You can do this through the newsletter screen or ask your admin/marketing team to send it out for you.


Set up reminders when tenancy contracts are due for renewal, for lead follow-ups, important deal dates etc.


Contact 360

Contact 360, available across the system wherever you see a contact – allows you quick access to see the full history about your clients – when they were last contacted and by who, what leads they have submitted, which viewings they have been on in the past etc.


Lead Pool

If your company has this feature enabled – make the most of it! Check regularly for new leads added to the Lead Pool – if you have a property matching then the deal could be yours!


Re-engage with your old clients with Drip Marketing

Ask your admins to help you set up Drip Marketing campaigns to keep in touch with your old client database via automated emails. You’ll be surprised just how much more business you can get from re-engaging with your old leads.


Automatically generate your own documents

Did you know that PropSpace automatically generates Tenancy Contracts, RERA forms and any custom document that your company uses on a regular basis? No need to hassle your admins – if you need a document generating quickly, use the PropSpace Document Generation feature and save a huge amount of time.

Rera copy



It’s a great time to make the little tweaks you have always been meaning to look at but didn’t have the time before. Gain real-time insights into your teams’ daily activities without having to chase up individually.  Here are some tips:

Pipeline Reports

Make the most of the Leads and Deals Pipeline Report – the system will show you all the leads and deals your team is currently working on in a nice progress layout (known as a Kanban Board!) so you can see in one place the progress of all your teams’ leads and deals.

lead pipeline report


Set up workflow automations so the system will automatically notify you of important updates that your team has made. For example, set an automation rule to inform you when someone from your team has entered a high value lead, or when an agent has set a price reduction, or when a deal has been added. Let PropSpace automatically update you about what your team is doing.


*For assistance with setting up automations please do not hesitate to contact our support team on or call +971 4 420 1044.

Lead Pool

A powerful tool to ensure agents are always on top of their leads. If a lead has not been updated for a set amount of time then it gets sent to the Lead Pool where other agents can pull in the lead and start working on it.

Lead Rotation Settings-Main

Notes and Activity Log

Every record in PropSpace can have notes assigned to it. The notes and history tabs across all screens enable you to see who has updated what and when in real-time.


Look through old leads

Create tasks for agents where you see an update needs to be made from the To-Do list screen.


Spruce up your listings

Look through all your active  listings and make sure they are in tip top shape with great photos, descriptions and a high quality score. You perhaps rushed to get some previous listings published – now is the time to make sure every single one of your listings has 100% quality.

quality copy

Centralised Calendar and Viewings Screen

Ensure your agents have input all their historical viewings onto the Viewings screen. Access agents’ calendars via the Calendar screen to see all your agents’ future meetings (including virtual meetings and viewings).


Deal Wizard and Checklist

Ensure your agents are using the Deal Wizard when they are processing a deal. Set up the checklist that you want each of your agents to follow so your agents do not miss any important steps in the deal and conveyancing process.

Deal Wizard


As always, our support team is on hand to assist if you have any questions. You can contact them on or +971 4 420 1044 from Sunday to Thursday 9am to 5pm UAE time.