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Introducing a beautiful new User Interface and listing marketing

PropSpace has undergone a facelift!. We now have a beautifully designed new user interface to improve the way you navigate and use the system and have added some powerful new marketing tools for your listings.

We are super excited to launch our brand new user interface as well as some new features on our key screens. Having a clean and crisp user interface that is easy to navigate and a pleasure to use is an important part of any software. Here is what we have introduced to make your experience and use of PropSpace all the more rewarding and enjoyable!

Social Media Marketing

Sign in to your social media accounts to get started with sharing your listings to a wider audience! You can now keep track of the listings you have shared on Social Media platforms.

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A clean new Listing Preview design

The Listing Preview has now been updated with a modern, clean design for better viewing and easier sharing.

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Share Listings via WhatsApp from the Listing Preview

The new Listing Preview now allows you and users to share your listings directly on WhatsApp, with just a few clicks, making sharing your listings with your contacts a lot easier!

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New Login Screen

We’ve updated our login screen with a sleek new design and a brand new ‘What’s new?’ section to keep you abreast with the latest updates to PropSpace.

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New Main Menu Navigation

The navigational menu on PropSpace has also been updated to maintain a minimal, easy-to-use theme across the system.

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A brand new way to match your properties with leads

Finding your matching leads is now a click away! The new Matching Leads tab now allows you to filter matching leads, shortlist and contact them with ease.

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Now get real-time information about your listings on

Find out exactly how your listings are doing on by navigating to the JustProperty tab. Find stats on your listing performance, promote or feature your property, or simply visit your listing directly on

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We are super excited about this new product launch and we hope you are too. We are already working to build more awesome features in PropSpace. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future versions.