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PropSpace is now VAT compliant

PropSpace is delighted to announce that both the Property Management and Brokerage versions of the software now fully support the newly introduced Value Added Tax (VAT) which was introduced in the UAE on January 1, 2018. When you create an accounting transaction in PropSpace, the total amount is auto-adjusted to include VAT. This allows you to accurately manage your incoming and outgoing payments and taxes.

Record a transaction for your Property Management services and enable VAT if applicable. The total amount payable is automatically calculated.


Always be aware of the cost and taxes involved in any Property Management transaction throughout the software.

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Generate PDF Invoices and Receipts for your clients that presents the breakdown of the expenses and the taxes payable.

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Record deals in PropSpace Brokerage and include VAT charges for your services provided.

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If you require any more information or assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team on +971 4 420 1044 or email us at