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The next-generation software for Property Managers has arrived!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Property Management Software. PropSpace Property Management is the go-to product for all property management professionals. The software allows you to manage units seamlessly, schedule and allocate work orders, handle daily tasks efficiently, build better customer relationships, manage inflows and outflows of payments, collaborate jobs with service providers and offers a whole range of other advanced property management tools. The software also includes Asset Management, Facility Management and Retail Management.

Here are some of the core features:

1.Project & Unit Management

Oversee your managed properties in a single unified place, and seamlessly manage their related work orders, leases and documentation. Add important notes on-the-go and attach relevant documents to the properties.

Unit Management

2.Lease Management

Manage new and existing tenancy contracts for your managed properties, and set up automated reminders for contract renewals. Record fees payable on the contracts and the preferred payment mode for the rent from the tenants.

Lease Management

3.Work Orders

Record and schedule maintenance work orders for any unit and assign it to the concerned Property Manager. The work orders and expenses involved can then be recorded and tracked by the Property Manager until resolved.

Work Orders

4.Accounts Management

Record credit and debit transactions for your managed properties and handle outstanding bills to settle. Clear outstanding amounts through Landlord Deposits held for each managed property. Seamlessly generate Statement of Accounts to send to your clients.

Accounts Management

5.Dashboard Managers

5.1 Work Manager

The Work Manager dashboard ensures that you never miss an event or task. A quick peek into your day’s schedule guarantees your work stays focussed and efficient.

Work Manager

5.2 Payment Manager

Stay on top of your incoming and outgoing payments through the Payment Manager. It provides you with an overview of the flow of payments for the day or the upcoming week.

Payment Manager

5.3 Vacancy Manager

The Vacancy Manager notifies you of upcoming tenancy renewals and vacancies for the current month, along with a forecast of occupancy of your listings.

Vacancy Manager

6.Service Providers

Unify contact information of your maintenance and service companies in one place, and track their current and previous work orders along with payments paid or still overdue to your service providers.

Service Providers

7.Landlords & Tenants

Manage your landlords and tenants in a single place, record personal contact details and track their respective tenancy contracts and amounts. Landlords and tenants can be granted access to dedicated secured portals to apply for maintenance requests, approve work orders and view Statement of Accounts.

Landlords & Tenants

8.Team Management

Streamline the workflow of managers, administrators and agents by assigning roles and access rights to individual users, allowing better management of your data.

Team Management


Organise your meetings, calls, appointments and other activities through our robust Calendar. Share calendar events with your team and even seamlessly sync with your smart devices.


10.Notifications & Reminders

11.Dedicated Owners and Tenants Portals

Empower your business by allowing owners to access reports on demand and tenants to register maintenance requests through a dedicated portal.

Dedicated Owners and Tenants Portals

along with asset management, facility management, retail management, landlord reports and reconciliation, reports & forecasts, payment management, marketing and much more.

To request a demo to see PropSpace Property Management in action and how it can help your business, get in touch with our specialist Property Management software consultants today. or call +971 4 420 1044