PropSpace Record Sharing

We are delighted to announce today the release of a brand new feature on PropSpace: Record Sharing. The new functionality enables you to share any record on the system with other agents within your company.

For example – if you are an agent working on a particular lead and you decide you would like your colleague to assist you with following up on the lead whilst you are on holiday, simply share that lead record with your colleague and they will then have visibility of that lead when they login to PropSpace and can edit the details as needed on your behalf.

Similarly let’s say you have just received a brand new instruction for a great exclusive listing on the Palm Jumeirah and you know one of your colleagues in your company has a hot lead looking for exactly that type of property. Simply share that listing record with your colleague so your colleague can send the PDF brochure to their client and can update the viewing notes and other details once they have shown the property to their client.

As the original record owner you can remove access from your colleagues at any time and can share with multiple users in your company should you wish.

Collaborating and working together within a company often results in more deals for everyone. PropSpace Record Sharing now makes this easier!

As they say, sharing is caring! 🙂

What you can do with Record Sharing:

Listing Sharing


Lead Sharing


Deal Sharing


Contact Sharing



To share a record with your colleagues simple click on the new “Shared With” field at the top left of the page and then search for the person or multiple people in your company you want to share the record with.

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To request a demo to see PropSpace Record Sharing in action and how it can help your business, get in touch with our software consultants today or call +971 4 420 1044.