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Introducing the PropSpace Mobile App

Take your business with you wherever you go with PropSpace Go.We are delighted to announce the launch of PropSpace Go – the full feature mobile app for real estate professionals. The app allows brokers and agents using PropSpace to have full access to all of their critical business data on any smartphone or tablet.

Here are some of the features we know you will love


Start your work the right way

No more hunting through post-it notes for contact numbers, meetings, and viewings. The PropSpace dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you know what’s scheduled for the day.

Showcase your properties

Present your listings to your clients on your tablet devices by switching to the Presentation Mode. Confidential information such as the unit number and owner details are hidden away, allowing you to present your properties to your clients in a full-screen gallery.

Schedule property viewings

Seamlessly add and manage viewings with your clients anywhere, anytime. All updates and notes are synced in real-time with your desktop version.

Send matching properties

Find matching and similar listings for your clients’ requirements, and send them the details immediately.

Share PDF brochures

Share your properties as PDF files with your clients through any app – WhatsApp, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Stay in touch with your clients

Access client contact details and call, email, SMS or send a WhatsApp message directly from the app.

Get real-time notifications

Get real-time notification alerts when a listing, lead or event is assigned to you – so that you never miss anything important.

And so many more features, download the app today for free and take PropSpace with you wherever you GO…

We are super excited about this new product launch and we hope you are too. We are already working to build more awesome features in the app. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future versions.