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Gain deeper insights with 50 new reports

This new year brings a lot of new releases to PropSpace. Earlier this week we announced a big update to our PropSpace Broker mobile app and today we are delighted to announce a brand new update to our Property Management solution: PropSpace Manager.

PropSpace Manager users now have access to 50 new reports that can be generated at the click of a button. These reports have been built taking in feedback from a broad spectrum of our client base and are an invaluable tool to help Property Managers analyse their business.

These reports are available from the Reports Dashboard and are grouped under the following categories: Units, Accounts, Leases, Work Orders, Tenants, Work Requests, Landlords, Projects and Assets.  


50 New Default Reports Available

Unit Reports

  • Occupancy Status
  • Occupied Units By Landlord
  • Occupied Units By Project
  • Units Available in 30 Days
  • Units Per Landlord
  • Vacant Units By Landlord
  • Vacant Units By Project


Account Reports

  • Landlord Cheque Bounce Transactions
  • Landlord Deposit Expense Details
  • Landlord Rental Income Last 3 Years
  • Penalty Transactions
  • Pending Transactions By Landlord
  • Pending Transactions By Tenant
  • Tenant Cheque Bounce Transactions


Lease Reports

  • Leases Expiring in 30 Days
  • Leases Expiring in 31-60 Days
  • Leases Expiring in 61-90 Days
  • Leases Not Renewed This Year
  • Leases Renewed This Year
  • Leases Terminated This Year
  • Overstay Leases
  • Unsettled Leases


Work Order Reports

  • High Priority Work Orders
  • Incomplete Work Orders By Service Provider
  • Incomplete Work Orders By Type
  • On Hold Work Orders By Service Provider
  • On Hold Work Orders By Type
  • Overdue Work Orders By Service Provider
  • Overdue Work Orders By Type
  • Total Work Orders By Service Provider
  • Total Work Orders By Type


Tenants Reports

  • Tenants By Nationality
  • Tenants Portal Access
  • Type Of Tenants


Request Reports

  • Open Urgent Requests
  • Service Requests By Landlord
  • Service Requests By Project
  • Service Requests By Tenant
  • Service Requests By Type


Landlord Reports

  • Landlords Portal Access


Project Reports

  • Projects By Landlord
  • Projects Contract Ending in 30 Days
  • Projects Contract Starting in 30 Days


Assest Reports

  • Assets By Manufacturer
  • Assets By Owner
  • Assets By Project
  • Assets By Supplier
  • Assets By Unit
  • Assets Purchased This Year
  • Assets Warranty Expiring in 30 Days

Users will be able to view more details and drill down into each report


Reports also include additional financial information


Users will be able to download a consolidated PDF report with comprehensive details
Report2 copy

We hope you enjoy these latest updates to PropSpace Manager reports.

As always, our support team is on hand to assist if you have any questions. You can contact them on or +971 4 420 1044.